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The Pelion Steam Train

One of the most unique and famous attractions in Pelion is the "Moutzouris-Smudgy" steam train. This magical little engine played a very important role in the development of the Pelion peninsula and helped the local markets and culture grow and expand. The steam train of Pelion was designed by an Italian engineer called Evaristo de Kirico, whose son was actually the famous artist Giorgio de Kirico. 

The Pelion Steam Train

It was the combination of imagination and knowledge that Evaristo was able to undertake such a unique and impressive project. With work beginning in the latter months of 1894, the first section of the railway was completed the following year, which linked the city of Volos with the coastal town of Lehonia.

Over the following 8 years, the railway line expanded and eventually reached the mountainous village of Milies. The total area covered by the railway was 29km. The rail works were concluded on the 2nd of July 1903 and the line was opened to the public. "Smudgy", as they called the steam train, had 26 wagons, 14 for passengers and 12 carriages for goods but it had only few comforts.

During these 8 years of constant hard work, a total of 6 bridges were built. 5 of these were stone bridges whilst the remaining one was made from iron. The peninsula of Pelion is very mountainous with many valleys and so the feat that was achieved when this railway was completed was nothing short of miraculous.

The apperance of the entire railway was blended in perfectly with the natural setting of Pelion, and looks like it has always been there.

The train was used to transport goods and passengers around the region, and this service was maintained right up until 1971. It was then sadly abandoned due to the increase in motorcar transport and a better road network being developed to connect the various communities around the peninsula.

However, the famous steam train of Pelion is again up and running, though today the route has been shortened and the train now travels between Milies and Lehonia. Today the train is a "must see" experience for all visitors to Pelion, and is a truly unique way to explore and appreciate the immense natural charm and beauty of Pelion. The train operates from spring through to autumn, and the total journey time from Lehonia up to Milies is approximately 90 minutes.

The train leaves from the station of Ano Lehonia at 10:00 and from the station of Milies at 15:00. There is a 15 minute stop in Ano Gatzea. Ticket prices are €18 for adults and €10 for children for a return journey and €10 and €6 for single journeys. For more information about tickets and the timetable, please call the Travel Office of Volos on ( + 30 )24210 39723. If you happen to be in Pelion between the spring and autumn seasons, then you really should try and put a day aside and enjoy this magical train journey.

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