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Milies - Pelion Greece

The beauiful village of Milies is located approximately 28km from the city of Volos, and is one of the most unique and famous villages in all of the Pelion peninsula. The village is one that has a strong infrastructure for tourism, and combined with the stunning natural settings, makes it the ideal destination to visit in Pelion anytime of the year. 

Milies - Pelion Greece

Milies is a very traditional village and this can be seen by the many impressive mansions and stone built houses throughout the village. You can enjoy some wonderful walks around Milies, letting the cobble stone paths take you a mystical journey through one of this most historic villages in Pelion.

Antimos Gazis and Gregory Kostantas, who are two very important figures in Greek history, both came from Milies and they founded the "Psihis Akos" school in 1814.

In addition to this school, another very important building in Milies is the "Old Library", which is home to a huge number of old artifacts, books, maps and a wonderful collection of old documents relating to the Greek revolution.

In the main square of the village is the famous church of Panmegiston Taxiarhon which was originally built in 1741. It was from this very church under the leadership of Anthimos Gazis that the revolution against the Turks began in May 1821.

Another very interesting and important part of Milies is the old station, where you will see the famous steam train of Pelion - Moutzouris-Smudgy - which travels from the Lehonia on the coast up to Milies, which is actually at an altitude of 400 meters. You can read more about this on our Pelion Steam Train page.

Though Milies is a mountainous village, it is not too far from some very nice beaches, which you can enjoy during the summer months. Along the coast under Milies is the popular coastal resort of Kala Nera which has a wonderful clean sandy beach. You can also head to the nearby beaches of Afissos or Koropi. If you are visiting Pelion by car, then you can even travel across to some of the magnificent beaches along the east coast of the Peninsula and enjoy the cool clear waters of the Aegean sea.

Milies is a wonderful destination in Pelion and has much to offer visitors. There are a number of excellent tavernas in the village where you can enjoy something to eat or drink. Our restaurant is a great place to enjoy a tasty meal and we operate throughout the year. At our hotel you can enjoy some quality and very comfortable accommodation and enjoy every moment of your holidays in Pelion.

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